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Best Shawarma In Vancity!

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I have tried my shares of shawarma in the Vancity area. I must say this has got to be the best!  The chicken is good if you get it fresh that is lol. I like the combination of rice and salad.And I just love the house dressing, it’s got tang and freshness!

It’s more of a fast food take out kind of place, oh and don’t expect top notch service lol.

It’s definitely a very casual place. They do have seating, but it’s quite limited. I like to take it out and have my lunch at the beach. Both locations are close to the beach so that is perfect if you love the beach! Of course it has to be a nice day out.

 For me I find that a lot of Shawarmas that I have tried in the downtown areas seem to be a bit heavy for me. You get the rice, humus, pita bread, salad and chicken. You maybe wondering why is this girl complaining??? But for me it’s just a bit too much and I prefer just the rice, chicken and salad. Very basic and simple, but that is how I like it!
Of course everybody has their preference of how they like there food to be cooked. But I’m just saying if you in Vancouver check out this Shawarma place. The pricing is great and if you want really fresh chicken try to go between lunch time 12-2pm!


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