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G-Men Best Ramen In Town!

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I was introduced to this place by a friend. It’s always super busy with line ups  that end outside the restaurant. If there is a line up all the way outside on a weekday you know it’s gotta be good and worth trying!

It has a cozy atmosphere and the staff are very friendly,but it’s limiting to seats because it’s a place.

I tried the Tan Tan Men and I gotta say I was hooked! It’s a spicy peanut broth make with pork bone. When you take a sip of this creamy, flavourful soup you get all your taste buds tingling. It’s got sweet,salty and a bit of spice to kick it up. This bowl of ramen is sure to keep you warm and your tummy satisfied.

It’s my go to ramen! All the other ramem are good to,but the Tan Tan Men has to be my favourite.

This place is open till 11pm, which is awesome!


Address: 8391 Alexandra Rd #1160, Richmond, BC V6X 3W5

Phone:(604) 276-8391


Tan Tan Men

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

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