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Back to school lunch ideas

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Hey foodies!

Stuck on what to bring for lunch? I have 3 quick and simple lunch ideas that is sure to help make your life easier!

These recipes can all be prepared the night before an can be eaten cold.

Hope you all enjoy it!


Back To School: Lunch Ideas!


Asian Spinach Chow Mein Salad Recipe:

2 cups of Cooked Chow Mein Noodles ( Short noodles)

3 Cups of Fresh Spinach

1/4 Cup of Sliced Bell Peppers

1 Cup of Cooked Shrimp (Peeled)



1 Tbs of Fresh Lime Juice

2 Tbs of Seasoning Soya Sauce

3 Tbs of Sweet Chili Sauce

1 Tsp of Sesame Oil

1/4 Cup of Finely Chopped Green Onion

A Dash of Sugar

Few Sprinkles of White Sesame Seeds (Optional)


Servings 1-2 People



Ham and Egg Sushi Cone Recipe:

Nori ( 2 Pieces)

3 Boiled Eggs

1 Tbs of Mayonnaise

1/4 Tsp of Sriracha Hot Sauce (optional)

4 Slices of Deli Ham (use 1 per sushi cone)

1 Tbs of Finely Chopped Green Onion


Servings: 2 People


Tuna Cucumber Roll Recipe:

1/2 A Cucumber (Use one full cucumber to make a big portion serving)

1 Can of Tuna

Ranch Dressing to Drizzle (Optional)

3 Tbs of Mayonnaise

Dash of Ground Black Pepper

Dash of Salt


Servings: 1 person ( Use the whole cucumber if serving 2 people or more)

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