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BBQ Chicken Burger Recipe

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Hello Foodies!

You don’t always have to have a beef burger to have a great burger! Try this bbq marinade chicken breast burger!

It’s super delicious, juicy and full of flavor!


You can put any fixings on it and any condiments, the ones I chose to put in my burger is real simple the way I like it.:)






BBQ Chicken Marinade:

1/2 Cup of BBQ Sauce

1/2 Tsp of Seasoning Salt

2 Tbs Cup of Worsterecher Sauce

Cornstarch Mixture (2 Tbs of water, 2 Tbs of Cornstarch)

1/4 Cup of Brown Sugar

3 Whole Chicken Breast


Burger Toppings:

Baby Romaine Hearts

Sliced Tomato

Sliced Onions

Sliced Avocados





Servings: 2 People




Step 1: Start off by preparing the marinade. In a medium to large size bowl mix in all the liquids . Throw in your chicken breast and get the marinade all over each breast. If you prefer smaller portion burgers ,you chicken breast is too big you can slice in half.


Step 2: Put in the fridge. Marinade for 5 hours. If you have more time marinade for 24hrs to get full impact flavor.


Step 3: Have a medium size non stick pan. Use 1 Tsp of olive oil per chicken breast. Start off by turning the heat to high. Sear for 3 minutes until golden brown.

Turn the heat to med-low and flip the chicken breast cooking it for 8 minutes.

After 8 minutes do once last flip and cook the other side for 6 minutes. Done!


Step 4: Toast your bun, put in your fixings and sauce and bon appetite!

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