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Curry Fish Ball Recipe

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Here is my take on the classic curry fish balls! It’s so simple and just darn tasty!

It’s got spice, sweetness, creaminess all in one. You have to try it!


Curry Fish Ball Recipe:

1 Pkg (250g) of Frozen or Fresh Fish Balls (You can use cuttle fish balls )


2/3 Cup of Chicken Broth (Fresh or From Can)

3 Tsp of Fish Sauce

3 Tsp of Sugar

1 Tbs of Curry Powder ( Regular or Yellow Asian Curry Powder)

!/3 Cup of Coconut Milk

1 Dash of Ground Corriander

Cornstarch Mixture:

2 Tsp of Cornstarch

2 Tsp of Water ( Warm or Cold)


Servings: 2-3



Step 1: Start off by preparing the curry sauce. In a medium size pot have the heat on med high. Add in a tsp of oil, fresh garlic and onions. Cook for 30 sec.

After quickly add in the curry powder, ground coriander and coconut milk and stir well.

Next in goes the sugar,chicken broth and fish sauce. Stir and cook for one Minute.

Step 2: Turn the heat to high. Add In the cornstarch mixture. This will help thicken the curry sauce. Cook for 2 minutes and the sauce is done.

Step 3: Prepare the fish balls. Have a pot of water come to a boil. Throw in the frozen fish balls. You will know they are cooked once they all float to the surface of the water. This may take about 5 min. Drain and set aside once cooked.

Step 4: Add the cooked fish balls in the curry sauce. Cook for another 2 minute on high heat.

Serve with rice or eat it alone.


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