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DIY Halloween Treats

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Halloween is just around the corner! Here are a few simple halloween treats that are great for parties or just to fill that sweet tooth craving.


Spooky Cupcake Recipe:

1 1/4 Cup of Cake Flour

1/4 Tsp of Baking Soda

3/4 Cup of Unsweetend Cocoa Powder

1 Cup of Sugar

2 Eggs

1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

75ml of Milk

1/4 Cup of Unsalted Butter

1/4 Cup of Vegetable Oil

Servings: 15 Cupcakes (med)



Grated Dark Chocolate (1 cup)

Gummy Warms

Candy Corn


Chocolate Frosting Recipe:

2 Cups of Icing Sugar

2 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

1/4 Cup of Unsalted Butter (Softened)

3 Tbs of Cocoa Powder

Frostes about 15 Cupcakes


Grave Worm Gummies Recipe:

A Doz Gummy Worms

Dark Chocolate Candy Melts (1/2 Cup melted)

Milk Chocolate Candy Melts ( 1/2 Cup melted)

Grated Dark Chocolate On Plate ( Fake Dirt)


Cupcake Shooters Recipe:

6 Cooked Chocolate Cupcakes (Crumbled)

1/2 Cup of Chocolate Frosting

Reese Pieces Candies

1/2 Cup of Melted White Chocolate Candy Melts (add 2 drops of green food colouring )

Servings: 13-16 Shooters



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