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Pink Ruby In Coconut Milk Dessert Recipe

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Hello My Foodies!

What better way to finish a meal then with these creamy fruity dessert!

This dessert is very common in South East Asia. There are many ways to serve it.

It’s got pink rubies made from water chestnuts and tapioca starch. I prefer to add in some canned fruit to give it a kick!


Pink Ruby In Coconut Milk Recipe:

Pink Ruby:

1 Can (227ml) of Pre-Sliced or Whole Water Chestnuts

3-5 Tbs of Tapioca Starch to coat the water chestnuts

Dye Mixture (7 tsp of red food colouring,1 tsp of cold water)

Coconut Milk Mixture:

1/2 Piece of Sugar Cane

1 Can (165ml) of Coconut Milk

6 Pieces of Canned Jackfruit (Optional)

1 Cup (250 ml) of Milk

Servings: 7 people



Step 1:

Drain the canned water chestnuts and give it a quick rinse with cold water.

Step 2: Dice the chestnuts into to tiny pieces.

Step 2: Coat the diced chestnuts in tapioca starch. Once you have coated all the chestnuts have a pot of water come to a boil. Cook half at a time. You will know they are done once they have float to the surface of the pot and the outer layer appear transparent.

Step 3: Once they are on the surface quickly transfer them into a bowl of cold water.This will help stop the cooking process. Once you have cooked it all, drain the water out and set a side your cooked water chestnuts in a big steel bowl.

Step 4: Prepare the coconut milk mixture. Have a non stick med size pot, set the heat on high add in half a piece of your sugar cane and 1 full can of coconut milk. Quickly reduce the heat to med low. Let the sugar completley dissolve. Once sugar cane is all dissolved into coconut milk turn of stove and let cool down for 7 min.

Step 5: Assemble the dessert. In one big bowl combine milk, coconut milk mixture, shredded jackfruit and the pink ruby. Chill in fridge if you prefer it cold. Serve in a bowl or as a drink with some ice cubes. Enjoy!





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